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Shows 2018


ICAMH Extravaganza, April 14-15, Judge: Mrs Leslie Connor


IMH Invictus Fame

Res. champion Open 2-year old stallions 29-31" (Joni)

4th place AOTE junior stallions, level 1 (Cindy)


AA Creek Red Diamond

Res. champion Open 2-year old stallions 31-33" (Joni)


IMH Fabylicious Mona Lisa

3rd place Open yearling mares 28"and under (Joni)

3rd place Youth 8-12 years exh. mare (Jessy Neyens)


IMHC Magical Mini Show


AMHR, April 28, Judge: Gordon Odegard


AA Creek Red Diamond


Res. Grand Champion Amateur Stallion (Cindy)

2nd place Amateur halter stallion - under (Cindy)

3rd place 2-year old stallion 33" and under (Joni)







AMHA, April 29, Judge: Gordon Odegard


IMH Invictus Fame


Champion AOTE junior stallions (Cindy)

Champion Open 2-year old stallions 29-31" (Joni)



AA Creek Red Diamond


Champion Solid color stallions (Egbert Tiemann)




ICAMH Summershow, May 26 & 27, Judge: Mrs Melinda Guy


NL Moonlight Sampsons Babylonia


Champion Open Showmanship (Eliane)

Champion Amateur Showmanship (Eliane)

Champion Youth Showmanship 13-18 year (Joni)

Champion Classic Pleasure Driving 32" and under (Joni)

Res. Champion Youth Classic Pleasure Driving (Joni)

Res. Champion Youth Showmanship 8-12 year (Jessy)

Res. Champion Youth exhibiting a mare (Jessy)

Res. Champion Senior mares 28-30" (Jessy)