Mona Lisa


IMH Fabylicious Mona Lisa


a.k.a. Mona Lisa



ieniemienie miniature horses


Date of Birth:March 27, 2017


Color: Buckskin (Ee/Aa/nCr)


Free from all 4 known dwarf genes.

Test not necessary as both parents are free.



18 inch at birth will mature around 31"



Los Arbolos Idols Claim To Fame

Color palomino, 32 inch

World Champion

Sire : First Knights Billy Idol

Dam : AD LM Hawks Tinkerbell



NL Moonlight Sampsons Babylonia

Color bay, 30 inch

AMHA Grand-, AMHA European champion

Vader : Silver Plates Baccarra Sampson

Moeder : Darmond American Sweetheart



Eliane Noten-Jongbloed

Dreams can come true. Many years I hoped to have a buckskin, but you never buy a horse for its color. But here she is the little, lively, beautifull Mona Lisa. She is all I ever wished for. Last year when her dam Babylonia was bred in Germany, I bought on the way back a small toy horse at a gass station. No doubt buckskin. Just for the fun I told everyone that I now had my own buckskin. What I did not know was that Babylonia and Fame together were making one for real. Exactly after 320 days, on March 27 at 04.00 AM, after a real quick birth (less than 5 minutes!) little Mona Lisa came in our world. When she was still wet I thought she was bay, but when drying I saw my dream came true.

After birth the question rises: What is the name? Well for me it was pretty sure that something that beautiful needed a beautiful name. So it became Mona Lisa after the beautiful painting. And as her Sire is Fame, and her Dam is Baby (a.k.a. from Babylonia) it became Faby... and than.... something so fantastic that all dreams became reality it became Fabylicious from fabulous (= magnificient, splendid). Her full name therefor is IMH (van ieniemienie miniature horses) Fabylicious Mona Lisa.


Mona Lisa has very special eyes. They are haselnut/blue/green.... it appears that she has the eyes from her granddad Silverplates Baccarra Sampon. The creme gen from her buckskin coat also appears in her eyes which make them not dark, but a shade of colors. This is very special. Mona Lisa will probably be a sooty buckskin just like her granddad, which means she gets a rich golden color with black at the end of her hairs. Her dam, Babylonia, also has that dark shine over her bay coat. Mona Lisa is our golden dream girl.


At 4.5 months Mona Lisa has put her first footsteps in the showring and..... got the title 2017 AMHA European champion weanling mares! The 2nd show she became champion solid color mares and reserve champion weanling mares. A beautiful start of her showcareer.