IMH Invictus Fame

a.k.a. Vic


Date of Birth:

April 18, 2016



Black (Ee aa), no markings



20.5 inch at birth, mature height 32 inch



Los Arbolos Idols Claim to Fame

Palomino, 32 inch

World Champion

Sire : First Knights Billy Idol

Dam : AD LM Hawks Tinkerbell



SHM Westernboys Femme Fatal

Chocolate silver dapple, 32.5 inch

AMHA European champion and multiple champion

Sire : SHM Redis Western Boy

Dam : Alliance Zodiacs Inspiration


Free of all 4 known dwarf genes as both his parents were tested free.



Eliane Noten-Jongbloed and Joni Timmers

IMH Invictus Fame 1 year old


Invictus is named after the movie Invictus, which tells the inspiring true story how Nelson Mandela worked together with the first man of the South-African rugby team, Francois Pienaar, to unite their country. Next to that I was inspired by the Invictus Games which were originated by Prince Harry from England, and so became the Invictus Games, Invictus Fame. Invictus can be translated into undefeated or unbeatable.


IMH Invictus Fame is a colt born out of World Champion and Reserve World Champion Los Arbolos Idols Claim to Fame, who is a son of the legendary First Knights Billy Idol. His dam, SHM Westernboys Femme Fatal, is our own AMHA European Champion, AMHA Reserve Champion, multiple Grand champion, and numerous champion title mare.


As both parents have put their footsteps in the miniature horse world, we expect a lot of this little rascal. He had big hoofprints to fill. But... he is now already a double (2017 & 2018) AMHA European champion and a multiple AMHA champion and thus continues the legacy of his parents. For all his results, click here.


Invictus resides at the location Peer. He is taken care of, trained and shown by his co-owner Joni Timmers and her mother Cindy. When he is 3 years old, he will be available for a few outside breedings, next to the fact that he will be the herd sire for our own mares.