Ieniemienie Miniature Horses is located in the beautiful surroundings of North East Belgium. There are 2 locations. Achel (Eliane & Jan) and Peer (Cindy & Frank & their daughter Joni). As we give a lot of attention to their well-being, we prefer to keep horses on small scale.

Our horses are registered with AMHA, AMHR, NMPRS & BMP. Their foals can be registered in these registers if crossed with a horse that is elligible for that register too. Next to that they are all tested on the dwarfgenes and are free (N/N) of them.

At the moment 6 of them are multiple champion. Only Mona Lisa, our 2017 filly who did not yet go to a show, has no titles, but we are sure this will change as soon as she enters the show arena.

3 mares are bred for a 2018 foal. To see the 2018 combinations click here.


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