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Ieniemienie Miniature Horses is located in the beautiful surroundings of North East Belgium. There are 2 locations. One in Achel (Eliane) and one in Peer (Cindy and her daughter Joni). As we give a lot of attention to their well-being, we prefer to keep horses on small scale.

We are member of the AMHA (= American Miniature Horse Association), AMHR (= American Miniature Horse Registry) the NMPRS (= Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook) and the BMP (= Belgium Miniature Horse Studbook). These last 2 studbooks only have a website in the Dutch language!

All our horses are registered with these 4 studbooks, so one can use them for breeding in different ways, or register their sibblings at the studbooks.


As there is a possibility to check horses on 4 known dwarf genes, and as we would like to breed the best we can, we have checked our horses on the 4 known dwarf genes. All our horses are free of the 4 known dwarf genes. People do not know much already about dwarf genes and genetics. Please understand that if a horse would have a dwarf gene, it does not mean it is not suitable for breeding! It only tells the owner he/she should be more carefull and breed that horse only to a dwarf gene free horse, so that no dwarf would be born.


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We show our miniature horses in Europe at different clubs. For example:

ICAMH (= International Club American Miniature Horse) for AMHA approved shows;

IMHC (= Imperial Miniature Horse Club) for AMHR and AMHA approved shows;

AMHF (= American Miniature Horse Friends) for AMHR approved shows.


The name of our stable is derived from the word Ieniemienie, which is always used for describing something very small. The name is founded in 2009 by Eliane, but after a clinic by Mike Rosauer

at the ICAMH in 2014 a friendship with Cindy Voets and her daughter Joni, who live in Peer (about

15 minuten from Achel) started.

In 2015 the ieniemienie team started to exist with showing the horses, after which in 2016 we

decided to start keeping, showing and breeding miniature horses as a team. Our husbands help,

and support us, were needed and give us the space to keep the horses.




Our ultimate breeding goal is to breed a horse in miniature, as perfect as possible, but above all healthy. Many think that we want to breed as small as possible, but that is not true. We prefer horses in the size 30-33 inch measured at the last hair of the mane. This size of horse is nice to work with, and one can do all performance classes with them. Next to that also the medical issue counts, as when horses get too small the vets have trouble with giving good care at birth or other medical interventions, as all than gets too small and too refined.


Pictures displayed can often be enlarged by clicking on them. Next to that we have linked pictures to the names of the horses that we mention, which are shown in a new page. So you can see the parents or ancestors of them.

We hope you enjoy the website, and if you have any questions or when you would like to meet the horses, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The ieniemienie team, Eliane Noten-Jongbloed, Cindy Voets and Joni Timmers.

Hopkins The Jokers Moonlight Ink with Joni Timmers and myself after winning  the title AMHR Reserve Supreme Champion.
Hopkins An Image 2 Buzz About with Cindy Voets at their 1st show ever.
AA Creek Black Diamond  and Joni at the 2016 Extravaganza

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